Camoplastband A modern hardwearing track made with fiberglass reinforcement. Very good accessibility.

Trelleborg Band an affordable track for those who drive a lot on the road and in light terrain.

in rugged design, black lacquered on zinc base with three spotlights and two working lights ahead. Each page has 140 Watts work lights and 2 x 70 Watt backwards. The lightbar is also equipped with two rotating light on folding mounts. Complete with electric box and control box. Total 770 Watt + rotation lights.

Various spare parts
for tracked vehicle 206

Side cover
in fiberglass that opens the entire left side of the rear wagon to easier
access to tools and materials, etc.

Tail light bar
in rugged metal. with four part taillights, a two led reverse lights and backup camera. Black Lacquered on zinc base.